Natural Tonic

Meet the Union Bridge Natural Tonic, ensuring a light and refreshing experience at 0.1 standard drinks. Embrace the subtle hints of light citrus that permeate the air upon opening, signaling the gentle aroma of this tonic. Pour it into a glass and witness its champagne gold appearance that sets the stage for a refined tasting experience. Sip and savor the delicate flavor profile—light citrus notes combined with naturally derived quinine bitterness, delivering a nuanced and sophisticated taste. Its crisp and dry mouthfeel creates the perfect canvas for a sugar-free Gin & Tonic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a drier beverage.

Union Bridge Natural Tonic offers a natural tonic flavor without the addition of sugar or sweeteners, catering to discerning palates looking for a refined drink. Mix it at a ratio of 4 parts tonic to 1 part Gin over ice and garnish as desired for an elevated drinking experience.

Natural Tonic