Irish Red Ale

  • Aroma: Inviting candy caramel sweetness accompanied by subtle toasted notes, creating an enticing olfactory experience.
  • Appearance: Reveals a captivating dark amber body adorned with alluring red hues, topped by a modest white head.
  • Flavour: Experience a well-balanced malt dominance on the palate, culminating in a smooth and gratifyingly bitter finish.
  • Mouthfeel: Embrace its low carbonation, staying true to the style and enhancing the refined drinking experience of this meticulously crafted Irish Red Ale.
  • Best served: poured vigorously and served at 8-10C
Irish Red Ale


Discover our Irish Red Ale. Pouring into your glass, this ale reveals a captivating dark amber body with mesmerizing red hues, crowned by a small, yet inviting, white head. Immerse your senses in its aroma, where the sweetness of candy caramel harmonizes with gentle toasted notes, setting the stage for an enticing experience. Each sip reveals a balanced malt profile dominating the palate, leading to a smooth, satisfyingly bitter finish that lingers. With low carbonation true to its style, this Irish Red Ale promises a refined drinking experience, perfect for those seeking the nuanced pleasures of a meticulously crafted brew.

Indulge in this brew, where every sip narrates the story of traditional craftsmanship and exquisite taste, promising a memorable drinking experience.